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Soleol is developing in the South American market, particularly in Peru, where renewable energies are on the rise. Indeed, solar radiation is one of the best in the world and everything is yet to be achieved.

Our advantage is to be able to use Swiss know-how and technology and enable the implementation of intelligent solar systems adapted to the needs of the population, NGOs and the Peruvian government.

Our subsidiary Soleol Suiza, consisting of 10 employees, specializes in plug & play kits, carries out projects for private as well as industry or restaurants.

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Conference in Peru, by Jean-Louis Guillet, Founder of Soleol SA

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The Swiss Peruvian Cluster is a coordinated and recognized network of companies and institutions collecting the economic players, which wants to be established in Peru or are interested in the business connections between Switzerland and Peru.

Its main objectives are the following:

  • Create links between Peru and Switzerland
  • Be a meeting place
  • Make the connection with the governmental authorities and the Peruvian private enterprises
  • Facilitate and promote the business connections
  • The embassy of Peru will play an intermediary role and Soleol, as siege of the group, will assist it for the secretarial department and the coordination.


The Embassy of Peru and Soleol encourage the relations between Switzerland and Peru as well as all which include business development and also serve as a bridge between the economic and political worlds. What we wish to do is to be able to bring fast solutions to develop business at the international level.