Soleol partner of SolarStratos

Soleol engineers contribute, in partnership with CSEM, to the integration of modules on the stratospheric plane.

In the interests of efficiency and energy autonomy, Soleol will install a solar power plant on the roof of SolarStratos’s technological base at the aerodrome in Payerne.

SolarStratos is the first commercial, solar, two-seater plane in history, and will also be the first piloted solar plane to ever penetrate the stratosphere. The base of this commercial plane will be used and the aircraft will be pushed to its limits to achieve our crazy goal. This tandem two-seater, with a wingspan of 24 m, and a weight of 450 kilos will fly just like any other plane.

The SolarStratos mission is to fly at an altitude that not many planes fly, in a very delicate environment, powered solely by solar energy, without emitting the slightest pollutant. We will have the opportunity to perform unparalleled and never-before-seen measurements. In the future, exploration of the stratosphere will perhaps allow us to – who knows – extend and expand humanity!

Whereas for a century, important quantities of energy or helium have been needed to reach the stratosphere, we will pave the way for manned solar and electric aviation practically in space.

For weight reasons, the aircraft will not be pressurised, obliging Raphaël Domjan to wear a pressurised astronaut suit, running uniquely on solar energy, which is also a world first.

The plane and the pilot will be exposed to extreme temperatures in the order of -70°C.

“It’s an ambitious adventure that will allow, once again, to demonstrate the potential of renewable energy.”