Soleol constructs the largest photovoltaic solar plant in Switzerland


The largest photovoltaic solar project in Switzerland – 8.3 MW – has been producing energy since November 2016.

Soleol built Switzerland’s largest photovoltaic solar plant in Onnens, VD. The construction of the installation took nearly 25 people 8 months to complete, but the preparation took several years and posed numerous difficulties for Soleol. In fact, a square metre of solar panels weighs normally 18 kilograms, and the roof would not have supported the weight. In collaboration with a Chinese manufacturer, Soleol therefore had to develop panels lighter than traditional ones, the total weight not exceeding 10Kg/m2, including the mounting structure. The 31,000 panels, for a surface area of 55,000 m2, equivalent to 7 football pitches, covers the roofs of the old Philip Morris warehouses and presently produces 8.3MW. Thanks to this power plant, electricity is provided for roughly 2,300 Swiss homes. 

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