Charging station

The Energy Strategy (ES) is targeting a 20% share of electric cars by 2025 and a 40% share by 2050.

Electric car drivers practically needn’t worry about finding themselves “out of juice” because Switzerland has charging stations at several public locations. Nevertheless, not all charging stations are compatible with all electric cars, or accessible 24 hours a day.

The combination of electric mobility and photovoltaics is becoming more and more popular. By connecting to your photovoltaic installation, you can produce your own energy current necessary to recharge at home – economically and ecologically. With a charge management system, you can coordinate the use of other devices such as a heat pump, a boiler or a clothes washer. You thus increase your own self-consumption, which is worthwile since it will reduce the amount of current injected into the grid at a cost-based price. 

The installation of a charging station and the connection to a PV installation must be performed by a qualified installation electrician who is familiar with the norms and specifications concerning the entry into service of charging stations. This ensures that charging at full power is safe and long-lasting. That it be for a transformation or for a renovation, Soleol provides you with sound advice and fully supports you during your project.

We offer charging stations for detached homes, apartment buildings, companies, public spaces or commercial centres.

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Charge your car with renewable energy at your solar carport. Information.