Photovoltaic installation

What is photovoltaics?

Photovoltaic solar collectors are assemblies of solar cells. Solar cells are made of silicon (often bluish in colour) and have the capacity to absorb photons in sunlight. The contact between photons and silicon excites electrons, which travels through the cell and thus creates electricity!

When your solar panels (also known as photovoltaic panels) are exposed to sunlight, they produce electricity. The electrical current is transported via electrical cables to the inverter which adapts the current into the norm of 230V.

Our suppliers produce their own photovoltaic cells with the latest technologies. The uniform blue and anti-reflective solar panel allows for a greater absorption of light in all weather conditions. Thanks to its surface structure BSF (Black Surface Field), solar cells optimally transform sunlight into electricity.

This type of panel is most commonly used in electricity supply systems for detached homes (self-autonomous or not), pumps, telecommunications, as well as for stations connected to the electrical grid.

Our company offers you the possibility to have a cleaner and more equitable environment to preserve our planet, in accordance with the Energy Strategy 2050.