Monitoring system

How can your photovoltaic installation get the most out of solar energy?

Solar-logTM’s simplified installation and multiple functionalities allow people to monitor their photovoltaic installation in an optimal manner.

Solar-logTM can be connected to all the latest inverters on the market. Coupled with our Solar-Log™ web Portal, the Solar-Log™ system represents the ideal solution to control the performance of your installations. Hosting for CHF 350.-/year.



Link to Soleol’s photovoltaic installation monitoring and management site:

Solar-Log™ advantages

  • Data recording by Solar-Log™
  • Monitoring online or offline
  • Visualisation of performance data and statistics (daily, monthly and yearly)
  • Diagnostic of alerts connected directly to the Soleol information system
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting by internet
  • Installation protection
  • Monitoring via iPad and iPhone


Solar-Log™ systems documentation