Solar carport

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Our solar carports is the best solution to produce some green energy while sheltering your vehicle (car, electric bike or buses). We can also settle there a charging station, with which you will optimize the electrical charge while respecting the environment!

The photovoltaic carports improves the energy balance of the residential and professional buildings. The current product will be directly used for the refill of your battery-driven vehicle or for your house. The surplus will be reinjected in the network and bought back by your administrator.



Advantages :

  • Production of solar energy
  • Autoconsumption of your own energy
  • Energy saving
  • Refill of battery-driven vehicles
  • Aesthetic and innovative
  • Vehicles in the shade during summer and protected from the cold and from the snow during winter
  • Contribution to the sustainable development
  • Valuation of your real property
  • No required maintenance
  • Better energy balance of your building

For a villa:

The installation can be autonomous and meet the lighting of the shelter for a storage in batteries 12V or be linked with the network for an inverter.

For a shelter of 26m² it is possible to install:

  • 16 solar panels of 270W
  • 1 inverter of 4.3kW

With such an installation, 80 % of the electric needs for a family of four people are covered (domestic appliances and lightings).


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