By adding the use and sale of electric current, recouping the cost of your installation can be expected within 6 to 10 years, and a savings of CHF 100,000.- can be expected overs 20 years - that is to say CHF 5,000.- per year.

Greatere the self-consumption is, faster the payback will be.

Benefit from subsidies

Within the framework of the new law on the energy come into effect January 1st, 2018, tax which feeds the bottom Swissgrid crosses 1.5 cts in 2,3 cts/kWh used. This increase allows to support new projects.

From now on, the developers of photovoltaic plants who wish to benefit from the autoconsumption have to choose between the following instruments of financing: the small unique remuneration for the installations of less than 100 kW (PRU), the big unique remuneration (GRU) for the biggest.

These federal subsidies represent approximately 30% of the investment for a reference installation.